Founded 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Gucci produced primarily leather and canvas goods. Thirty-two years after the first store in Florence, the label opened the first location in America and the brand has taken to new heights under Tom Ford’s famous creative direction. Since the departure of Ford, creative successors, particularly Alessandro Michele, have continued to evolve the Gucci lifestyle.

Consequently, their products remain in high demand, such as the Gucci Soho Bag, Dionysus Bag and Bamboo Tote. As the brand continues to evolve, its reputation as an international status symbol grew stronger and high sought by vintage and preloved Gucci collectors in the second hand fashion market.


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    GUCCI GG Supreme Monogram ..
    $835.00 $580.00
    Save $255.00
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    GUCCI Calfskin Crystal Fe ..
    $1,200.00 $450.00
    Save $750.00
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    GUCCI Biege Canvas and Le ..
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    GUCCI Dark Brown Leather ..
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    GUCCI Pink GG Canvas and ..
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    GUCCI Leather Travel Bag ..
    $800.00 $450.00
    Save $350.00
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    GUCCI Ophidia GG Supreme ..
    $2,720.00 $2,400.00
    Save $320.00
  15. Gucci
    GUCCI Zoo Kid Pouch
    $700.00 $420.00
    Save $280.00
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    GUCCI Guccissima Joy Flap ..
    $1,800.00 $700.00
    Save $1,100.00
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    GUCCI White Pebbled Leath ..
    $1,400.00 $880.00
    Save $520.00
  18. Gucci
    GUCCI Pink GucciGhost Pri ..
    $2,400.00 $1,800.00
    Save $600.00
  19. Gucci
    GUCCI GG Supreme Canvas a ..
    $520.00 $200.00
    Save $320.00
  20. Gucci
    GUCCI GG Canvas Pelham To ..
    $1,800.00 $580.00
    Save $1,220.00
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    GUCCI GG Supreme Patch Po ..
    $800.00 $740.00
    RRP $1,500.00 | Save $60.00
  22. Gucci
    GUCCI Black GG Supreme Ca ..
    $410.00 $290.00
    Save $120.00
  23. Gucci
    GUCCI GG Plus Monogram Me ..
    $1,400.00 $720.00
    Save $680.00
  24. Gucci
    GUCCI Sylvie Small Should ..
    $3,750.00 $1,150.00
    Save $2,600.00
  25. Gucci
    GUCCI GG Plus Monogram Sm ..
    $900.00 $650.00
    Save $250.00
  26. Gucci
    GUCCI Beige/Ebony GG Canv ..
    $2,220.00 $820.00
    Save $1,400.00
  27. Gucci
    GUCCI Tweed Large Rajah C ..
    $3,175.00 $2,050.00
    Save $1,125.00

Total 347 Items

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