Balenciaga Agneau Classic City

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Find Balenciaga Agneau Classic City Bags Here at Royal Bag Spa!

If you are looking for a Balenciaga city classic bag, then you have come to the right place. We supply top products at affordable prices and are proud to be one of Australia’s leading suppliers of second-hand designer accessories.

Offering designer accessories to suit all budgets, you are sure to find the perfect bag. Don’t let the price tag get in the way of you purchasing your dream Balenciaga leather handbag. Our products range from used and good condition to pristine and mint condition, so we are guaranteed to have bags to suit everyone. Gone are the days of paying a fortune for a brand-new designer bag. When you choose Royal Bag Spa, you receive the same great products but at a fraction of the cost. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

All of our Balenciaga Agneau Bags are High-End and Authenticated

We place high importance on the authenticity of our products so inspect each bag on a microscopic level to ensure that it is 100% genuine. We check for a range of elements including designer markings, serial tags, hologram stickers and even the stitching. Only when our team are completely sure that the bag is genuine will we issue a Certificate of Authenticity.

We are so confident in the quality of our accessories that we offer a 14-day moneyback guarantee on all of our used bags. This means that you can purchase a second-hand classic city bag by Balenciaga, take it home and if it does not meet your expectations within the first two weeks you can return it and we will provide a prompt refund.

Our Second-hand Balenciaga Bags are by no Means Second Best

Often, we associate second hand with old, worn and tired items. But let us tell you now that this is not the case. There are countless benefits to purchasing a second-hand designer handbag including:

Unique accessories

When you shop for a second-hand handbag, you are not limited to the current designer collection and open up the opportunity to find a unique purchase. Beautiful, vintage handbags are within reach and for a price that you’ll love!

Pleasing prices

Often the price tag can put people off purchasing designer bags. When you purchase from Royal Bag Spa, you do not face this issue. Why purchase one brand new designer bag when you could choose two second-hand ones for the same price? A quality handbag can last for years with the right treatment, so you are still guaranteed great quality.

Environmental benefit

Play your part with saving the environment by shopping for second-hand accessories. Help to reduce the need for demand and save beautiful bags from going to landfill.

Browse our Collection Today!

Our speedy shipping means that you can receive your bag within 3 to 5 business days, so what are you waiting for? Find your dream Balenciaga Agneau classic city bag at Royal Bag Spa today! We also sell a range of second-hand designer goods including Bvlgari Serpenti flap bags, second-hand Gucci bags & more that have all been thoroughly checked by our experienced team.