Bag Zipper Replacement


Everyone has felt that feeling of despair when it's halfway through the day and the zip on your jeans stops working. You’re faced with the rest of the day with your zipper undone, and you’ll have to find another pair of jeans to buy. It can really spoil your day. But this doesn’t even come close to how we feel when the zip on our favourite luxury, designer bag breaks. It might feel like your world has ended, and yes you might shed a tear or two, but do not fear!

At Royal Bag Spa, replacing a bag zipper is second nature to us. We can replace the zip on your bag and have it back on your arm looking as good as it ever did when it was new. You don’t need to wait, and shouldn’t wait, until the zipper on your bag is completely broken. If you’re noticing that the fabric is wrinkling into the zip often and causing the teeth to become deformed, it’s time for a new zipper. Replacing the bag zipper before it breaks entirely can often protect the bag interior from further damage. For example, if the zipper catches on the fabric lining of the bag, you run the risk of tearing the interior lining which is far more costly to repair than just the zip.

Why Let Royal Bag Spa Replace Your Zipper

There are many videos on the internet demonstrating how you can replace a bag zipper yourself, and all those videos make it looks incredibly easy to replace a zip. We don’t want to pull the wool over your eyes, replacing a bag zipper isn’t difficult to do to be functional and we thoroughly recommend giving things a go with a less prized possession. After all, the more you know about repairing your possessions, the more able you will be to identify when the work of a professional is needed.

At Royal Bag Spa, we only have professionals and to replace a broken zipper on a luxury item needs skill. With a luxury product, you want the repair to be so good, it’s not noticeable and we can offer that. We offer a 6 month guarantee on all repair work we undertake, and we feel so confident that you will be satisfied with the repair that we offer a money-back promise if you don’t feel comfortable with the repair.

Looking For A Bag Zipper Replacement in Your Local Area? Contact Us Today

You may have started your search for bag zip replacement and fixing by searching Google with terms like bag zipper replacement near me, but with Royal Bag Spa, there’s no need to be local. We can take delivery and post out your precious luxury goods right back to your front door. We also provide wallet repair, purse repair, purse zip repair, bag refurbishing & more. Get in touch with us today for a quote by giving our friendly team a call on (03) 9654 1148 or send an email to us at [email protected] and we will be back in touch with you to discuss your requirements.