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Burberry Leather – Tradition Meets Sustainable Style

The iconic British brand Burberry never fails to deliver with its quintessential classic style. From the signature check fabric to immaculate stitching, Burberry is a favourite among the stylish. What sets Burberry apart from the high street is the use of finishing and craftsmanship, which means the devil is in the detail. The company also has a long and illustrious history from its foundation in 1856 in England when the 21-year-old founder decided to design clothes to protect the wearer from the unpredictable British weather. However, happily these days it is worn throughout the world by individuals who admire its classic lines and sense of tradition with a modern twist. Did you know the iconic Burberry Trench coat was designed during the First World War and remains a design classic until the modern day?

Burberry is also a leader in sustainability, as evidenced by its high ranking in the Dow Jones Sustainability index. These days, sustainability is a huge trend, and we at Royal Bag Spa are joining the initiative by selling pre-loved and new but pre-owned items to pass designer goods from one owner to the next. We believe that this contributes to a more sustainable way of buying high fashion and pays proper tribute to the craftsmanship and design of the individual products.

Vintage Burberry at the Click of a Button

If you are looking for used Burberry leather and other fashion goods, we at Royal Bag Spa can help! We collect and curate a range of designer products including second-hand Burberry leather bags. Second hand does not necessarily mean damaged; we rate each item we sell on a scale from Vintage (signs of use and wear) right up to Brand New in Box. Some of our items are in such good condition you would believe they were direct from the factory. Each product comes with a full description of the condition and a certificate of authenticity, so you know you are buying the genuine article.

The Best Used Burberry Leather Bags in Australia

We usually have a range of Burberry bags available. We just love the Burberry Leather Hobo Bag. Made from a dazzling soft Nubuck Leather, this bag screams Boho chic from the beaches to the city. Nubuck is a wonderfully soft yet durable leather that combines the best of pure leather and suede. Nubuck has an alluring soft velvety look, whereas pure leather has a distinctive grain. Burberry has produced a wide range of leather and check fabric bags that you will be sure to find one that suits your look.

If you want to find the very best in pre-loved Burberry leather, take a look at the range of products we currently have in stock. Each contains a full description of the item, a condition report, and dimensions. When you buy from Royal Bag Spa, you know you are getting what you have paid for. We also offer a designer bag authentication service and a repair service to keep your designer goods in pristine condition. Do not hesitate to buy direct from us online, or if you would like to visit our Melbourne showroom, please get in touch to make an appointment. It’s time to make your Burberry dreams come true!