Leather Scratch Repair


Your leather handbag may be one of your most prized possessions. You might care for it as carefully as if it were made out of glass. However, even the most careful of bag handlers can still have an accident, and often the accident might not even be your fault. You can be walking down the street and somebody else with their keys in hand might catch the leather of your bag or even the zip or buckle of their coat. When you notice a scratch in the leather, it really starts to stick out like a sore thumb. There are some bags which can be much improved by a few scuffs and scrapes in the leather, the kind that develop a patina over time and have a ‘ready for action’ vintage look to them. This look won’t do for your luxury designer arm candy though.

If disaster strikes and your Chanel clutch or Louis Vuitton satchel has acquired a scratch which can’t be buffed out using leather scratch repair products, you need the services of Royal Bag Spa’s leather scratch repair shop. We use only the finest products and we are dedicated to taking the very best care of every product that comes through our hands. We know how much a handbag can mean to its owner and so we treat every single one like it belongs to us.

What Else Can I Send to The Leather Scratch Repair Shop?

We aren’t limited to bags when it comes to leather. Since most designer bags are made out of fine leathers, like lambskin, they need good care taken of them to ensure they remain in perfect condition for as long as possible. This means treating them with leather protection spray, using them with care, and storing them in dust bags when they aren’t being used. Some smaller leather items such as purses and phone cases take more of a hit on their delicate leather exteriors since they’re rattling around in your bag interior along with car keys, pens, notebooks, makeup and water bottles. Although these items are made to be a little more durable, they are still susceptible to scratches and we can rectify damage to these items via our leather scratch repair products too. We do leather jackets repair including all leather repairs just about anything made out of leather!

What Can The Leather Scratch Repair Shop Fix?

Most scratches in leather are very easy to remove with the right products and the knowledge of our experts. It is worth treating your luxury leather goods with a leather protector spray to keep the leather supple and well-conditioned. This can help prevent cracking and staining. Leather is a natural product though, and some scratches can’t be restored in the leather if the material itself has become damaged. However, with the expertise of our bag doctors, even scratches like this can be improved and all our work is covered by a satisfaction guarantee.