Need to Fix Your Purse?


Are you looking for someone reliable to repair your purse?

Then look no further than Royal Bag Spa. With several different services to choose from, your purse will look as good as new in no time.

Royal Bag Spa are experts in fixing purses

Royal Bag Spa are professionals in luxury purse repairs and cleaning and have been in business since 2009. Designer accessories are often made from materials that are quite delicate. That is why we use top quality, environmentally-friendly products to breathe new life into your favourite bags and purses. 

How do we repair purses?

We provide a range of services, including cleaning, restoring, and repairing. Everything you could think of to ensure your purse is looking its best.

Purse Leather Repair

When repairing and restoring the leather of your purse or bag, we work to return it to its former vibrancy, so the whole item has a depth of colour that keeps it looking its best. If your bag needs some restoration, our professionals are trained to be able to match a range of different colours so that you get the best result. This service may be right for your bag if it has some colour loss, worn corners, or stained or dry leather.

Leather purse cleaning

We know that the items we are cleaning can be delicate; that is why offer a professional cleaning and disinfection service that uses treatments powerful enough for cleaning but gentle on the material. The products that we use are also eco-friendly. You’ll be surprised at what a good clean can do to your items. We can remove stains on leather, suede, Nubuck, Lambskin, Fabric, and Vachetta.

Luxury Leather Protection

It is essential to do all you can to prevent any damage or staining to any of your leather items. That is why we offer high-quality leather bag cleaner products to extend the life of your purse

Stitch and Purse Lining Repair

When your purse starts to show a bit of wear and tear, we can fix your purse by changing the lining and repairing the stitches. Everything we do is to extend the life of your bag. We can repair loose stitching, torn zipper lining, peeling leather on the internal lining, and torn lining.

Vachetta Revitalizing

Vachetta is the untreated cowhide leather that is usually used for trimmings on luggage and handbags. As it can easily stain and discolour, we have a professional service that can clean and revitalize the cowhide leather. Our revitalization process does not dye any of the leather, only cleans it.

Hardware Repair and Replacement

We can repair and replace the hardware on a number of leather purses and accessories. Our specialist repair service can replace or repair hardware such as zippers, buckles, etc., repair the handle edges, and any tears and holes.

If you are unsure whether we can help you with the cleaning or repair of your bags or wallets, do not hesitate to get in contact with us so we can help you out. At Royal Bag Spa, we will do everything we can to help you to get your expert purse repair.