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At Royal Bag Spa, we’re all about giving our customers ways to keep their handbags and other leather items in tip-top condition. So not only do we offer our popular cleaning and handbag renovation services, but we offer a fantastic range of high-quality leather bag cleaner to enable you to keep up the good work at home.


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The Only Leather Bag Protection You Need

Take a look at the selection of leather bag protection available from us here at Royal Bag Spa, and you’ll see that we have something for every type of leather and every occasion. Whether you need a convenient spray protector to protect your leather bags, shoes and garments from the rain and stains or you need a delicate pH-balanced leather handbag protection to gently clean away dirt, dust and oils from a special designer bag, we’ll have exactly what you need.

Our cleansers and protection sprays are safe to be used with some of the most prestigious designer handbag brands, including Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, and Hermes but can also be used on other materials including suede, nubuck, fabric and canvas.

Perfect for Routine Cleaning or Cleaning on the Run

Keeping your designer leather goods in perfect condition has never been easier thanks to our comprehensive selection of leather handbag protectors. We have everything you need for routine cleaning sessions together with a range of products that will prove to be indispensable should you have a slight mishap while you’re out.

Our range includes Crep handy shoe cleaning wipes, which can be used to remove marks and scuffs on all kinds of materials from leather to canvas, nylon and vinyl while the Lovin by Bags special care for patent leather will help to remove unsightly smudges while helping to condition the surface of the patent to prevent drying out and cracking. We’ve also got everything you need to keep your shoes fresh, clean and in shape from shoe fresheners and shoe trees to the Ultimate Scuff Eraser that removes marks and stains from nubuck and suede.

The Easy Way to Keep Your Leather Handbag in Pristine Condition

As you can see, there are no excuse for not keeping your leather shoes, handbags and accessories in pristine condition when you have so many effective products available to buy at the touch of a button. We have even made paying for your leather products easy too by offering you the chance to purchase them with Zip Pay & Afterpay. This means you can buy what you need now and pay for your order in multiple instalments. What could be easier than that?

And one final note about our cleaning products – they’re all 100% guaranteed genuine and authentic so you can be sure that when you buy from Royal Bag Spa, you’re getting the real deal. A quality leather bag is an investment piece, so it makes sense to treat it properly. Getting a quality leather bag cleaner that is safe to use on even the most prestigious designer bags is vital, as this will leave them looking great and will not cause any unwanted damage. Royal Bag Spa has a range of leather handbag cleaners so you can give your bag an at-home spa treatment from base to handle and restore the look of the leather.

Why It's Important To Use The Right Cleaner For Leather?

Perhaps you yearned for your leather bag for a long time, or it has been passed down to you as a family heirloom. One of the most important lessons to learn when you own a quality leather bag is how to care for it. If you clean your leather handbag with products that are not suitable, it can cause damage and mean that your leather looks unloved.

The simple solution is to purchase a leather handbag cleaner from Royal Bag Spa. However, it is important to note that cleaning leather is not just about using a cleanser; you also need to moisturise your leather to restore the natural oils and get it looking pristine once more. When cleaning your leather, use a gentle hand as it is important to never scrub leather. Gentle circular motions are enough, and it can be repeated for stubborn stains.

Once the leather is clean, use a leather protector spray to prevent any damage from water or oil. This can then be followed by a leather moisturiser after 24 hours to soften your leather. Give your bag the full works with Lovin My Bags handles cleaner. The handles of your handbag can soon become damage as they get used a lot and the natural oils from your hands are left on your handles, which can cause darkening and damage. Using a cleaner protects your handles and keeps your bag looking great.

Professional Leather Bag Cleaning

Over time, your leather bag gets grubby and dirty, even if you treat it with the ultimate care. Think of all those times you have put it on the floor next to you, taken it on the train, hung it on the back of a public toilet or taken it out somewhere else. All of these events accumulate and cause your bag to get dirty, and some of these could even be harmful to your health. 

Research has found that your bag may carry nasties such as E. coli, salmonella and faecal contamination, which is a horrible thought and should be enough to drive you to ensure that your bag is treated to leather handbag cleaning that will help to make it sanitary once more. Royal Bag Spa offers your bag spa experience for your handbag, and we offer a deep cleaning service where it is needed. If not, our range of leather bag cleaning products means that you can do the job yourself and give your bag a mini-spa treatment. What’s more, you can be confident that the cleaner you are using is not going to harm your bag. 

Giving Your Bag a Mini-Spa Treatment at Home

Investing in a good leather bag cleaner is a good way to keep your bag happy, and it ensures that it’s suitable for your bag. Sure, you may find leather cleaners in your local supermarket, but when you have splashed the cash on designer goods, you need to know that no damage will come to your bag when you use them. For the lambskin leather, Lovin My Bags Most Delicate products are perfect for keeping your bag looking as it should. Items are available separately, or you can buy a collection that gives you everything you need and includes a cleanser, protection and moisturiser.

Your shiny leather bags no longer need to suffer from a loss of their shine and sparkle as Royal Bag Spa have a product that will restore their shine and keep them looking pristine. Lovin My Bags Beauty and Shine cleanser, protector and moisturiser are ideally suited for your designer bags that are crafted from shiny leather. If your bag is made from Vachetta leather, we have products that will suit your bag’s needs and offer a great restoration so that you can be proud of your arm candy once more. 

One area that always seems to suffer from dirt is your handbag handles. One of the reasons for this is because it is the area that you touch most. Even if your hands are clean when you handle your bag, your skin is full of natural oils that can be passed onto your bag and cause it to become dirty. With For Handles Only from Lovin My Bags, you can clean your handles and prevent them from absorbing the oils from your hands. We also sell a range of Crep cleaning products that are perfect for your leather goods and shoes. 

Get Your Leather Handbag Cleaners from Royal Bag Spa

Royal Bag Spa sell all that you need to give your bag the loving treatment it deserves, and it means that your bag will look fantastic even after prolonged use. When you take care of your quality leather products, they can last you a lifetime. Shipping takes just 3-5 business days in most cases, and we deliver Monday to Friday between 10 am to 6 pm, so you can get your cleaner quickly.

If your handbag needs a deeper clean, we also offer a full leather bag cleaning service where we can get your leather looking new, smelling fresh and be something that you are proud to wear on your arm. Contact us for more information and a bespoke quote for your handbag. Most of our products are suitable for all types of leather, although we always recommend a patch test. Find one that is perfect for your bag and enjoy that new feeling once again. Treat your bag to the ultimate at-home spa treatment with cleaning products from Royal Bag Spa.

For leather handbag cleaner that allows you to keep up the good work from your bag’s spa treatment, choose Royal Bag Spa’s products for cleaners, protectors and moisturisers that have been chosen by the experts for their gentle care of your precious designer goods.