Saint Laurent Consignment


If you’re looking for your next designer piece, you might also be looking for a new home and some money back for your last investment. Selling a designer product can be trickier than people think, there is much suspicion around designer products which are bought and sold on virtual marketplaces and auction websites because of the high number of counterfeit products which are in the market. Understandably, you may struggle to find a buyer for your Saint Laurent handbag, Saint Laurent wallet or Saint Laurent satchel at the price you deserve to get. So why not take the hassle out of selling your bag and utilise Royal Bag Spa Saint Laurent consignment shop?

When you consign a product to us to sell, you avoid all the hassle of discussing prices with buyers, posting the bag out and authenticating it – some auction websites won’t even let you list designer products unless you have the correct paperwork but often, the paperwork for a bag or purse has been long put aside and forgotten about. Royal Bag Spa can take care of these problems for you!

Why Use Our Saint Laurent Consignment Shop?

Royal Bag Spa has a team of dedicated professionals who are able to authenticate your bag if you have lost its paperwork. Once authenticated, we then provide an industry recognised certificate of authenticity which gives all buyers confidence in the product they’re buying. This also means that the asking price is higher for your product since it is guaranteed to be genuine.

Many consignment services use eBay to advertise the products they are selling. Whilst eBay has a fantastic customer base and a huge marketplace to advertise on, the typical eBay customer is looking for a bargain and may not even mind if their purchase comes authenticated. At Royal Bag Spa, we sell the majority of our stock directly through our website and we have built up a strong customer base of designer shoppers who have confidence in our products. You may also find that whilst selling your bag or purse with us, you come across your next dream purchase!

Our Saint Laurent consignment shop is in Melbourne, Australia. We always welcome a new or returning customer through our doors to view our stock, and to drop off your own bag for consignment.

Sell Your Saint Laurent Bag with Royal Bag Spa’s Consignment Shop

Consigning your Saint Laurent or any other designer bag for sale with Royal Bag Spa comes with no upfront costs. For products costing between $300 and $2000, we take only a 30% commission and for products selling at over $2000 we take a 20% commission. Many other consignment stores take a 50% commission fee, and our commission fee is all you’ll pay. There will be no additional costs to market, photograph or spring clean your product, so you know exactly what you’re getting before consigning, just like you know exactly what you’re getting before buying from Royal bag Spa.