Adding Rubber to the Bottom of Shoes


Luxury shoes are beautiful things, but they are expensive and can be hard work to wear. Adding rubber to the bottom of shoes has a couple of benefits. Firstly, adding a rubber sole helps to protect the true sole of the shoe. Consider the iconic Louboutin heel with its statement red sole; after a few trips out the red sole is easily worn off revealing the brown underneath. Not quite as aesthetically appealing! Whilst it is possible to repair the shoe sole, why take the risk in the first place! Adding the rubber sole protects the original colour and has the added benefit of improving the watertight properties of the shoe. You will be able to strut your stuff no matter whether it’s rain or shine without fear of strutting through a few puddles on your way.

Secondly, a rubber sole can help relieve your feet when wearing your designer heels. A designer shoe is often a difficult wear - with towering heels and slim stilettos, they can really put a dampener on your dancing. A rubber sole absorbs some of the impact with each step which means you can go on dancing for longer than ever.

Who Should Add Rubber to The Bottom of Shoes

Adding a rubber sole to the bottom of a shoe is a simple procedure, but it does take a certain amount of skill to do it right. If you add a rubber sole incorrectly, you run the risk of spoiling the aesthetic of the shoe, especially if the rubber is not well colour matched to the original shoe or if the rubber is not correctly cut to size. You can also throw off the balance of the shoe, making it more difficult to walk in rather than improving its comfort. If not fitted to the shoe correctly, you also run the risk of damaging the shoe, especially if the rubber needs to be removed and replaced or if the sole becomes unbalanced and so weight distribution changes, you could damage the structure of the shoe itself.

Whilst adding a rubber sole to the bottom of shoes can be done at home, we recommend that you entrust your valuables to the professionals so we can ensure that the rubber sole addition does not detract anything from the stunning look of your designer shoes. Handing your shoes over to the experts at Royal Bag Spa can also give you the peace of mind that professionals are working on your treasured possessions which means that if you aren’t happy with the work when completed, we have a money-back promise which ensures you only pay for work you are satisfied with.

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