How to Clean Lambskin Leather


Leather is a natural material and as such, needs to be treated carefully. With most fabrics today we would simply toss them in the washing machine if they got dirty or stained but with leather, this isn’t an option. With lambskin leather, your jacket or bag would be all but destroyed if you subjected it to a washing machine.

Delicate lambskin leather is not even suitable for cleaning with regular cleaning products. This is because the leather is of finer quality than you might find in other leathers, for example, the kind a car seat is made from. Lambskin leather is what is known as a soft leather, which is what makes it perfect for creating luxury goods, but it is also more susceptible to damage. There’s no need to avoid buying lambskin products though, you just need to know how to maintain and care for lambskin leather jackets and bags to ensure that you get years and years of good use from them.

How to Clean and Care for Lambskin Leather

Prevention is always better than cure, so we always recommend protecting your lambskin leather goods rather than letting them get dirty and trying to clean them afterwards. Royal Bag Spa has a range of protective sprays which can be used to protect bags and jackets alike. It’s easy to apply and anyone can do it with no professional expertise. Our lambskin protection lotion are naturally formulated, PH-matched to leather to avoid long term damage and can all be applied without leaving greasy residues or streaks on the leather. These products can help keep the leather soft and supple, preventing hairline cracks on corners and seams and can also protect against damage that may happen in the rain, or if your bag or jacket is unfortunate enough to have something spilt on it.

No spray can prevent everything though and if the worst does happen, we recommend trying to clean your jacket or bag as soon as anything marks it. Lambskin is delicate and can change colour very easily if it isn’t treated the right way. You should never use harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean lambskin leather and you should avoid getting it wet at all costs. Should you need to use leather bag cleaner, start with a soft, clean cloth and gently massage the mark out of the leather. We can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t use any products at this stage, and you shouldn’t use a damp cloth either. If you’ve used a leather protective spray, most marks will simply lift out with a bit of coaxing. You should remember to reapply the protective spray that’s saved your bag or jacket from further damage as soon as the mark is gone.

If you can’t lift the stain with gentle cleaning, try our So Natural cleanser which has been made especially for lambskin leather products. Apply the cleanser using a soft, clean cloth and massage the leather in a circular motion. Sometimes the leather may darken as you clean it, but on drying it will lighten up again. Our So Natural cleanser is a surfactant, which means it brings dirt to the surface so it can be wiped away. It might not work the first time and it may take patience, but a few applications are sure to bring out stubborn marks.