Shoe Heel Repair


At Royal Bag Spa, we know that a designer or luxury item is so much more than just a bag or a coat or a pair of shoes. They are the items of clothing we turn to to make us feel like us. That one jacket that we can’t be without, that pair of high heels which we’ve worn to every job interview and that bag you take everywhere. These items are just as much as part of you as the foundation you apply to your face and the lipstick that you always have a spare tube of. So what do you do when these treasured possessions break or start to show signs of wear and tear? Well, you send them to Royal Bag Spa of course!

The name might suggest that we look after bags, and it’s true that our first love is luxury handbags, but we are experts in all luxury goods and that includes shoes. If you have a pair of boots or heels which are starting to show their age, rejuvenate them with our shoe heel repair service. A gorgeous pair of high heels can let you down if the tip of the heel starts to wear down, and if the sole wears smooth, they can become slippery and cause you to fall over as they lose their tread. That’s not a good look for anyone, and it’s not a good look for your shoes.

Why Use Royal Bag Spa For Shoe Heel Repair?

If you’re searching for shoe heel repair, entrust your shoes to our team of experts. We will take the same amount of care with your property as if it belonged to us. Our team works by instinct, looking at the item and feeling the materials to ensure it is repaired to a high standard, and repairing shoe heels is no different. 

There are many videos circulating the internet offering a DIY guide to shoe repair and restoration yourself, instructing on how to replace the heel tips with fresh rubber. We strongly advise that this is not an approach that should be used with luxury or designer goods. The quality of workmanship on a luxury boot or heel is second to none, and it takes much skill and experience to replicate the craftsmanship. Our experts are able to repair shoe heels to the same standard and our work is guaranteed. Home repairs are so much fun to do and experiment with, but please, save it for shoes less treasured than your Louboutins!

Get A Quote for Shoe Heel Repair

If you’d like to repair or replace the heels of your designer shoes, we can offer you a quote for our services tailored for the repair you need. We also specialise in leather repairs, bag repairs, leather jacket repair & more. Please give our friendly team a call on (03) 9654 1148 or, if you prefer, send us an email at [email protected] and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.