Founded in 1952 by designer Hubert De Givenchy and reinvented by trailblazer Ricardo Tisci recently. Under his leadership, the brand’s commitment to modern tailoring and striking architectural designs has flourished. The casual chic, aristocratic elegance and femininity all combine in the timeless world of Givenchy. Classic pieces such as the Pandora, Antigona and Nightingale, are all highly sought after by vintage and preloved fashion collectors in the second hand fashion market.


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  1. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Bambi Print Anti ..
    $800.00 $400.00
    Save $400.00
  2. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Black Coated Lea ..
    $1,000.00 $350.00
    Save $650.00
  3. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Brown Crinkled L ..
    $1,905.00 $800.00
    Save $1,105.00
  4. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Orchid Purple Su ..
    $2,400.00 $1,050.00
    Save $1,350.00
  5. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Leather HDG Flat ..
    $2,200.00 $600.00
    Save $1,600.00
  6. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Black Stud and C ..
    $850.00 $450.00
    Save $400.00
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    GIVENCHY Nude Studded Lea ..
    $1,900.00 $1,150.00
    Save $750.00
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    GIVENCHY Textured Coated ..
    $800.00 $300.00
    Save $500.00
  9. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Bambi Print Pouc ..
    $800.00 $340.00
    Save $460.00
  10. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Rottweiler Slip- ..
    $900.00 $570.00
    Save $330.00
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    GIVENCHY Logo Printed Clu ..
    $665.00 $520.00
    Save $145.00

Total 37 Items

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Your Favourite Givenchy Second Hand Online Store

Discover stunning second-hand Givenchy bags and accessories here at Royal Bag Spa. Browse beautiful collections including our ever-popular Givenchy Antigona second-hand bag. All of our accessories offer the same great quality as brand new but for a much more affordable price.

We stock a selection of designer handbags and accessories at prices you’ll love, so you are sure to find the perfect Givenchy product for you. When you accessorize your outfit with a designer handbag, you look great and feel confident. Choose Givenchy for products that will never go out of style. Shop Royal Bag Spa for bags to suit any budget. Our handbags and accessories range from good and mint condition to pristine and unused condition, so you are sure to find something to suit your budget.

We Ensure That you are Informed and in Control 

Shopping for a designer handbag is a luxury experience, regardless of whether you are purchasing Givenchy second hand or brand new. At Royal Bag Spa, you receive the same enjoyment and the same great customer service. Before placing our second-hand bags and accessories on sale, we perform inspections on a microscopic level to ensure that they are 100% genuine. We check designer marking, serial tags, holograms, stitching and more and only when we are happy will we issue a Certificate of Authenticity and advertise for sale.

Alongside our high-quality images, all of our designer products have detailed descriptions including the colouring, size, materials, condition, recommended retail pricing and more. Openness and transparency are key here at Royal Bag Spa and we provide a realistic picture of each accessory online. If a product catches your eye, simply book an appointment in our Melbourne based store to view it in person or purchase online. Our 14-day moneyback guarantee makes for a stress and risk-free purchase. If you purchase a second-hand item online and are not completely in love with your designer bag or accessory, you can return it within 14 days for a prompt refund.

The support from Royal Bag Spa continues long after your purchase. We also provide services to clean, repair and restore your Givenchy handbag, whenever it needs a little care. Regular treatment ensures the bag is adequately protected and able to bring you joy for years to come.

Designer Items Stay Stylish and Keep Their Value

Givenchy bags and accessories are high quality and designed to last a lifetime if looked after correctly. When you choose to purchase second hand, you are buying a stylish, valuable and unique product. Receive the same great quality but for a fraction of the price. What could be better?

With the opportunity to find unique bags that are no longer for general sale; you really can stand out from the crowd when you choose Royal Bag Spa.

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Whatever Givenchy handbag or accessory you are looking for, we have you covered. The best place to buy Givenchy second hand in Australia is right here at Royal Bag Spa. Browse our collections today.