Givenchy Repairs


When we invest in a piece of designer wear, we want to preserve it in its natural beauty for as long as possible. However, even the best-made and highest quality items may start to show their age. Royal Bag Spa has come to the rescue with the launch of our Givenchy Repair service. Royal Bag Spa is not only Australia’s premium designer good reseller, but also the provider of authentication services to assess you have the genuine article.  We also offer a repair service to get your haute couture accessories looking as good as they can as they age.

We carry out cleaning and repairs to bags and boots and our team of experienced professionals has had incredible results bringing back branded items from the brink of neglect. Designer items are like anything highly prized – they require specialist knowledge and care to restore them to their former glory. We carry out cleaning and protection, stitching and replacement of hardware, and the more intricate work of restoration.

High-Quality & Affordable Givenchy Repair in Australia

We offer our bespoke Givenchy repair services for your designer items on a quote basis, as each repair will be individual to your prized possession. For the removal of ink and other stains, our handbag cleaning service might be what you are seeking. Special care needs to be taken when cleaning delicate and high-quality materials such as nubuck, leather and suede. We will thoroughly clean and disinfect your handbag safely using state of the art techniques. Any rips or tears can be addressed with our repair service, and for a full makeover, we recommend restoration.

We also offer a specialised vachetta service, to restore the delicate untreated cowhide usually used in trimming handbags. This material is resistant to cleaning and is easily damaged, so it’s best to leave it to our professional team. We can source and replace substitute hardware and zips that might have become damaged through use. We can also address any stitching or lining issues, and even tint your accessories to precise shades if you fancy a change of colour. We offer a full protection service too, as we believe prevention is always better than cure. In addition, we have a full range of products for home use to care for your designer accessories. It’s not just handbags we can restore – we also offer a full shoe repair service to revitalise heels that have seen better times.

Why Choose Royal Bag Spa for Your Givenchy Repairs?

There are so many reasons you should bring your Givenchy products to us for repair. Firstly, we are experts in dealing with quality, high-value accessories from leading brands around the world. We have a fully trained professional team who take pride in their work and use the very best methods, traditional and cutting edge to restore your products to their natural beauty. We have years of experience caring for designer goods, and expert craftsmanship skills. If you care enough about your possessions, you will want only the very best treatment. Restoring your items is also a good investment as it will help maintain value if you choose to sell the item in the future, and we are also experts in the authentication of designer goods, meaning you will know the value of your item as the genuine article. Don’t let your beautiful designer accessories fade and decay, get a quote today to restore them to beauty. We also provide Fendi repair, Parada repair, Louis Vuitton repair services in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney.