Wallet Repair Shop Fixing & Restoring Leather Wallets


Do you have a leather wallet that’s showing signs of daily wear and tear? Perhaps your wallet is relatively new but you’ve put a hole in it whilst out working? Maybe you’ve reached the point where your leather wallet is years old and in desperate need of repair? Whatever your situation and need for wallet repairs, the team here at Royal Bag Spa can help to restore your wallet to its original glory.

Wallet Repair Services 

There are many areas of a wallet that can become damaged. From the buckles and the zipper to the swivel snap and fabric itself, there is no area of your wallet that’s safe from damage and obvious signs of wear and tear.

In the past you may have replaced your wallet with a brand new one if it had cracks or a tear in it. The good news is that our wallet repair services means that you never have to throw out another wallet again.

Here at Royal Bag Spa, our services include the repair and replacement of hardware items such as buckles, swivel snaps and zippers etc. as these are all replaceable items and we can thoroughly clean and condition the inside and outside of your wallet.

We can work on most kinds of wallets and we’ve had the pleasure of working on designer wallets from some of the biggest names in the fashion world, including;

Structural Work

Sometimes leather products have piping, locks, clasps, studs and tubing on the handles that can wear over time.

At Royal Bag Spa, our team of professionals are able to undertake intricate structural work so that they can repair piping, reseal handle edges, repair holes and fully replace locks and clasps to their original specifications, as the manufacturer would have expected.

Wallets are now available in the most beautiful vibrant colours and shades. Here at Royal Bag Spa we are able to repair your wallet or fix your purses so that it returns to its original colour and we are also able to stain any wallet to an alternative colour should you so wish. 

We have a large selection of beautiful colours for you to choose from and we are able to apply these to materials including Lambskin, Calfskin, Smooth Calf Leather, Vachetta Leather, Ostrich Leather, Snakeskin, Crocodile Leather and Deer Skin. 

Have a question? We’d Love to Hear From You

If you have any questions about our wallet repair service, do not hesitate to contact us or pop in to our local store to discuss your needs is person.

If you’re unable to get into us in Melbourne, just contact us via our site and we’ll arrange for you to mail your wallet into us as soon as possible.