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Looking For An Affordable Fendi Shoulder Bags

Fendi is an extremely popular Italian luxury brand, offering designer accessories and clothing for men, women and children. Their signature style blends artisanal craftsmanship with playfulness, which has made their products popular on a global scale. Owning Fendi is a necessity for any designer fashionista who keeps up with trends. But modern life is full of necessities and expensive purchases, and we don’t often have the option to spend our own money on ourselves the way we deserve to.

That’s where Royal Bag Spa comes in. We make luxury and quality affordable and accessible to the everyday woman. We stock second-hand clothing, accessories and bags from all the biggest designer brands, including Fendi. If you’re looking for an authentic Fendi shoulder bag at a fraction of the original price, you’ve come to the right place. We offer safe and reliable online shopping and Australia-wide shipping, so check out the Fendi collection including Fendi top handle bags, Fendi clutches & more at Royal Bag Spa to fall in love with your next favourite accessory.

About Us

Royal Bag Spa has been in the industry since its foundation in 2009. Since then, we’ve gone through many transformations. What began as a cleaning and restoration service for designer handbags soon became Melbourne’s first handbag repair specialist and Fendi's trusted repairer, and eventually also a place to buy and sell second-hand designer items. We have now cleaned, repaired and restored over 15 million Australian dollars’ worth of handbags. We run both an online store and a boutique in Melbourne, where you can buy not only handbags but also shoes, accessories, jewellery and small leather goods.

Why Choose Second Hand Fendi Shoulder Bags

Buying your Fendi shoulder bag second-hand is good for both your wallet and the environment, and it doesn’t involve compromising on quality. Pre-loved items are always more affordable than brand new ones, and ours sell at up to 70% off their retail price. They also provide a sustainable alternative to today’s consumerism, allowing you to indulge in the latest trends without making your carbon footprint larger. Besides, second-hand items come with character and history that new items simply don’t. They might be vintage or only a few years old, but they have a past that adds charm and uniqueness to them. While they might not be brand new, they’re still in good condition when we sell them. More pristine items will cost more, but if you don’t care about some signs of wear, you could get yourself an even bigger bargain. The condition of all our items is available on every product page.

Buy Your Fendi Shoulder Bag From Royal Bag Spa

Get your Fendi shoulder bag from Royal Bag Spa to enjoy quality and affordability along with free shipping and 14-day returns. All our products also come with a lifetime authenticity guarantee, as we can ensure with the help of our many years of experience and the most advanced technology that everything we sell is completely authentic. Order from our website, or if you’re in Melbourne, you can also book an appointment to view your favourite bags in person in our shop.

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