Consignment Store in Melbourne



How does our Melbourne consignment store work?

At Royal Bag Spa, we make it easy to sell designer bags and other items online with our consignment store in Melbourne. Offering low consignment fees with no transaction costs, we’re the best option when you’re looking to sell second-hand luxury designer bags, shoes, purses, jewellery and more.

We charge a low 30% commission for items from AUD $300 to AUD $2000 and 20% for items selling from AUD $2001. Additional transaction fees including credit card fees, PayPal fees, and marketing fees are also covered by us.

Sell designer bags with the best exposure and market reach

Most designer consignment stores in Australia rely solely on eBay to sell their consigned items. While the audience may be huge, it consists mainly of bargain shoppers versus quality/service-driven shoppers. While we use eBay in our latter selling stages, the majority of our consignment items are sold directly from our store. We've found that selling directly from our website yields the best results for our consignment customers. For selling on consignment, we focus on highly targeted online marketing to drive qualified shoppers to our online store.

We also ensure professional product presentations. Our experience has shown that the better the product images and write-ups are, the more inclined shoppers will be to buy second-hand luxury designer bags and other items.

All of our consigned items are Guaranteed Authentic. This attracts more buyers because they feel confident that every item listed for sale on our website is 100% authentic.

The benefits of selling on consignment with Royal Bag Spa

Here at Royal Bag Spa, we sell a wide range of beautiful designer handbags from the most popular luxury designers in the world. If you own a designer handbag that you feel would be better loved by someone else, you can sell it through our service. We offer a fantastic selling on consignment service and you never know, you may even spot another bag on our website that you would like to purchase! Find out more below about all the great benefits of selling with us. 

We take ultimate care when consigning your designer goods

We have lots of loyal customers who shop with us and also sell their designer pieces through us too. What people love about our consignment service is that there is no risk to them at all. We are always upfront about our terms and the percentage of the sale you will make from your items. If your item is not selling, then there is no need to worry as you can simply get your handbag back.

Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of selling with us is that there is a minimum hassle for you. If you have already sold a designer handbag yourself before, then you will understand the frustrating process this can be with many people wasting your time or not offering enough for your bag. There is a lot of work involved in selling designer items and we can take care of everything for you. We can take great photographs of the item to post online and chances are the item will sell very quickly as we have a dedicated customer base who buy from us.

Our consignment shop is located in Melbourne and so when you sell through us, you are helping out the local economy. Selling us your goods means we can keep our doors open and continue to give back.

Finally, more and more people are selling their unwanted goods and buying second hand as more consideration is given to the planet and global warming. Fast fashion is a huge problem within the fashion industry and there is a lot of waste that comes from this. When you sell your goods, you will be helping the planet as these items may otherwise have been thrown away to sit in a landfill. Your trash is another person’s treasure and could bring them a lot of joy, plus you will get to make some money at the same time. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Work with the best consignment store in Melbourne today!

Are you looking for a designer consignment company in Australia that is reliable and trustworthy? Then Royal Bag Spa is for you. Kindly pop into our consignment store in Melbourne so that we can provide with you a guide to the price we can offer for your bag which is open every day except Sunday.