Specialist Louis Vuitton Bag & Purse Repairs in Australia


Louis Vuitton is regarded as one of the most luxurious brands in the fashion industry. The brand was founded in 1854 in Paris and, in those days, it was better known for its stackable shipping trunks that were made for French royalty. The brand has since developed over the years and it is now one of the most trusted and most loved names in the designer world.

Today, Louis Vuitton is extremely well known for their leather goods, shoes, clothing, luggage, beautiful handbags and accessories. These products are so luxurious and they’re instantly recognisable with the famous LV icon.

The quality of Louis Vuitton products is incomparable and, as with any designer brand, the price tag reflects that level of quality. But, with the right care and professional Louis Vuitton repairs, your designer purchase could literally last a lifetime so it’s more than worth the cost.

We Undertake High Quality Louis Vuitton Repairs

Your Louis Vuitton bag is an investment. These beautifully designed bags and purses can last you a lifetime when given the right treatment.

Louis Vuitton bags are made with quality in mind, but sometimes, even items made from the finest materials need a little maintenance to keep them looking great. That is where Royal Bag Spa can help. We complete Louis Vuitton repairs in Australia, and, as our name suggests, give your bag or purse the spa treatment it needs to get it in tip-top condition once more.

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in Louis Vuitton repairs, the team here at Royal Bag Spa can help you out. The results that we can achieve are truly remarkable and we can work with all kinds of LV bags including the Speedy Bag, the Neverfull Bag, the Louis Vuitton Alma Bag and the City Steamer Bag.

How Your Louis Vuitton bag will be professionally repaired at Royal Bag Spa:

  1. Once your bag has been left in our care, our highly experienced team of experts will assess the level of repair/restoration that is required. A simple clean is all that’s required in some situations whilst a full restoration might be the only solution in others. Once the assessment has been completed, you will be contacted to discuss time scales and the treatment that’s required. 
  2. Next, after you’ve given us the go ahead, we’ll get started on giving your bag the makeover it needs to look like new again.
  3. After all work has been completed your bag will go through our quality control to ensure it reaches the standards of the original specifications.
  4. Upon confirmation that your bag has been fully restored inside and outside, payment will be processed and it will be sent out to you. 

Areas That We Specialise In 

If you have a LV bag that needs some serious TLC, just get in touch with us today as we’d be happy to schedule it in for a makeover at our Royal Bag Spa. 

How can we return your Louis Vuitton bag to its former glory?

Louis Vuitton’s iconic handbags and purses most certainly provide you with a fantastic array of arm candy, but when they begin to get into disrepair, it is time to call in the experts.

Royal Bag Spa are experienced in cleaning and repairing luxury leather goods, enabling them to look as good as new once more. When completing Louis Vuitton repairs, we bring your item back up the standards of the original specification, so it will almost feel like you have a new bag again.

If you decide to get your bag repaired with us, we will give you a quote that is inclusive of the standard rate of GST, so that you are aware of your Louis Vuitton bag repair cost before any work is carried out. We carefully assess your items, decide upon the next steps and contact you so that you know what treatment is needed.

Along with bags, we also take care of your Louis Vuitton purse repair, restoring your purse to the way it was intended to be. Purses can go through a lot as they are often used daily, and this can lead to them becoming out of shape, fading, along with other problems. With treatment from Royal Bag Spa, your purse can look great once more.

As well as restoring the leather, we can also complete Louis Vuitton piping repair. As the piping is often near the edges of your bag, it can experience a lot of wear, which can cause damage. Do not despair! With professional repair services, the damage to your piping can also be restored.

In every repair, we take the utmost care of your precious designer goods, understanding that these items are often treasured possessions and heirlooms.

Give your Louis Vuitton purse or bag the best repair possible

Just as you can sometimes benefit from a spa treatment, so can your bag or purse. Whether you are looking for a Louis Vuitton stitching repair or just a deep clean, Royal Bag Spa is your first choice.

We understand that you want to get your Louis Vuitton back as quickly as possible. The work that is carried out determines how long your bag will need to be away from you. Some repairs can take up to six weeks because we are determined to do the best possible job, and this can take time to get it right.

Give your Louis Vuitton bag or purse the full spa treatment with Royal Bag Spa and be proud to carry your designer goods once more.