Find your favourite Designer second hand bags or that desired preloved vintage handbag here. From LV to Chanel, Hermes and many more luxury brands, every pre-owned item has been carefully cleaned and quality-controlled in-house. They are ready to ship. Find out more about how we are setting the new standard for pre loved luxury fashion with our authentication technology, insured worldwide shipping, money back guarantee and great customer service!


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  1. New
    HERMES Togo Leather Birki ..
  2. New
    CHANEL Patent Quilted Min ..
    $5,500.00 $3,800.00
    Save $1,700.00
  3. New
    CHANEL Grey Quilted Aged ..
    $7,500.00 $4,900.00
    Save $2,600.00
  4. New
    CHANEL Caviar Quilted Cry ..
  5. New
    CHANEL Aged Calfskin Quil ..
    $8,000.00 $4,400.00
    Save $3,600.00
  6. New
    CHANEL 2022 Tweed Mini Fl ..
  7. New
    PRADA Leather Top Handle ..
    $1,800.00 $420.00
    Save $1,380.00
  8. New
    Louis Vuitton
    LOUIS VUITTON Perle Monog ..
    $1,900.00 $550.00
    Save $1,350.00
  9. New
    HERMES Clemence Leather P ..
    $7,600.00 $4,000.00
    Save $3,600.00
  10. New
    CHANEL Black CC Stiched L ..
  11. New
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    $3,200.00 $950.00
    Save $2,250.00
  12. New
    Miu Miu
    MIU MIU Vitello Lux Leath ..
    $2,240.00 $480.00
    Save $1,760.00
  13. New
    Miu Miu
    MIU MIU Leather Madras Sa ..
    $2,160.00 $550.00
    Save $1,610.00
  14. New
  15. New
    BALLY Leather Drawstring ..
    $1,440.00 $300.00
    Save $1,140.00
  16. Louis Vuitton
    LOUIS VUITTON Damier Eben ..
    $3,700.00 $1,000.00
    Save $2,700.00
  17. New
    GUCCI White Leather Flora ..
    $5,300.00 $2,500.00
    Save $2,800.00
  18. New
    GUCCI Leopard Print Pony ..
    $4,450.00 $1,650.00
    Save $2,800.00
  19. New
    CHANEL Diamond Stitch Acc ..
    $3,500.00 $2,300.00
    Save $1,200.00
  20. New
    Christian Dior
    CHRISTIAN DIOR Ultra Matt ..
    $7,200.00 $4,400.00
    Save $2,800.00
  21. Gucci
    GUCCI Dionysus Leather Mi ..
    $3,325.00 $2,500.00
    Save $825.00
  22. Givenchy
    GIVENCHY Neo Stargate Tot ..
    $1,260.00 $750.00
    Save $510.00
  23. Chloé
    CHLOÉ Small Faye Leather ..
    $1,975.00 $580.00
    Save $1,395.00
  24. Alexander Mcqueen
    $2,200.00 $950.00
    Save $1,250.00
  25. Gucci
    GUCCI Sylvie Small Should ..
    $3,700.00 $1,500.00
    Save $2,200.00
  26. Christian Dior
    CHRISTIAN DIOR Satin Crys ..
    $7,000.00 $3,800.00
    Save $3,200.00
  27. Chanel
    CHANEL Patent Metallic Cr ..
    $6,500.00 $5,880.00
    Save $620.00
  28. Chanel
    CHANEL Lambskin Camellia ..
    $2,800.00 $2,450.00
    Save $350.00
  29. Chanel
    CHANEL Caviar Quilted Gra ..
    $4,000.00 $3,100.00
    Save $900.00
  30. Louis Vuitton
    LOUIS VUITTON Monogram 20 ..
    $2,350.00 $2,000.00
    Save $350.00
  31. Louis Vuitton
    LOUIS VUITTON Soft Trunk ..
    $4,800.00 $3,900.00
    Save $900.00
  32. Louis Vuitton
    LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Em ..
    $1,310.00 $1,050.00
    Save $260.00
  33. Hermès
    HERMÈS Mini Kelly Picnic ..
  34. Hermès
    HERMÈS Taurillon Clemenc ..
  35. Chanel
    CHANEL Grey Quilted Goats ..
    $9,000.00 $5,660.00
    Save $3,340.00
  36. Chanel
    CHANEL Black Quilted Aged ..
    $15,000.00 $5,450.00
    Save $9,550.00

Total 376 Items

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Authentic Second Hand Designer Luxury Bags

Designer bags are luxurious, much sought after and admired, and incredibly expensive. In fact, many buyers put off purchasing a designer bag when they see the price tag. That does not have to be the case with Royal Bag Spa, though. We offer second-hand authentic designer bags at great prices, making them far more affordable and attainable than new ones, no matter your budget. We lightly clean all designer bags with great care and are in good condition.

We have a beautiful collection of second-hand luxury handbags from some of the world’s biggest brands, with our range including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chloe, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel, Celine, and Christian Dior.

What are the Benefits of Buying Preloved Designer Handbags in Australia from Royal Bag Spa?

While buying brand new bags certainly has its benefits, so does buying second-hand. One of the major considerations for most of our buyers is the price involved. When buying a well-known brand, you are buying not just the product, but also their experience and their vision. That makes many products highly expensive. However, those same brands and their products can also be purchased second-hand - and for much cheaper - because at Royal Bag Spa, we want to make these products accessible to you.

Second-hand preloved items, with their own histories attached that can add to their charm but just because they have history, it does not mean they are not in great condition. Royal Bag Spa offers designer bags of all levels of quality, from good condition all the way to pristine condition. Some of the bags we sell were never been used, but they are discounted all the same.

We lightly clean all the designer bags we sell so that they are in the best possible condition. Many of them are maintained in well condition that they resemble new bags. Most people will never be able to tell that your bag is second-hand, they look so great. Designer bags are a great addition to any wardrobe and are great fun to accessorize!

Another appealing benefit of purchasing second-hand items is that they are a better option for the environment. You are sure to feel good about your purchase when you select a preloved bag over a new one and reduce the impact on the environment. Not only that, designer bags can last a lifetime when treated well, so purchasing one is really a no-brainer.

Discover Our Amazing Selection of Second Hand Designer Bags

Our latest collection of second-hand designer bags for sale offers amazing savings on the RRP! Each bag on our website is pre-loved and in great condition.

For all purchases, our customers have the peace of mind of a 14-day returns policy! Whether the bag does not live up to your expectations or you simply changed your mind, send it back for a full refund. It is this standard of service, which differentiates us from other pre-owned luxury online stores and ensures that our customers receive the most premium level of service.

Have fun browsing our second-hand luxury designer bag collection, and be sure to check back in with us often – we are constantly uploading new additions with beautiful creations from some of the world’s well-known designers.