Stella McCartney

At the heart of Stella McCartney’s brand is an ethos of sustainability and innovation that never sacrifices design or craftsman-ship. Proud to be a responsible, honest and modern company, McCartney works with non-profit organisation, Canopy, to obtain raw and sustainable viscose, which used for their garments, accessories and shoes.

Pieces like the Falabella Fold Over, Tote and Crossbody are crafted using organic fabrics and low-impact dyes, ultimately reducing the environmental effects of the textile mills. For those seeking a youthful, 70s style with a modern, bold twist, there is only one brand you can feel good about wearing. The shoes made in Italy and created from mixture of polyurethane, polyester viscose and cotton. These bestsellers never go out of style and are still a hot favourite in the pre-loved market.