Bag Refurbishing


When that designer bag that you love is no longer looking its best, it’s time for designer bag refurbishment that will restore it to its former glory. Perhaps your bag needs a good clean, or maybe it needs the full works. At Royal Bag Spa, our bag refurbishing will get it looking great once more, and it means that you will be proud to carry it on your arm once more.

Trust Your Designer Bag to the Experts

When treated well, designer bags can last a lifetime, which is why Royal Bag Spa offers your handbag the royal treatment that includes cleaning and repair. Bags can often harbour all sorts of nasty germs that accumulate over time and from use. A designer handbag deserves to be shown off, so naturally, you take it whenever you can. However, this can result in it becoming dirty, even if some of that dirt cannot be seen. As well as dirt, your bag may need refurbishment, which could be due to split seams, damaged lining or other issues.

As designer bags are worth a lot, it is best to leave your bag refurbishing to the professionals in Australia and send it to Royal Bag Spa. Our experts will work on your bag and get it looking great once more. Whether your leather has become faded, stained, worn or dry, our experts will return the vibrancy and depth of colour to your bag, and it is suitable for lambskin, calf leather, vachetta leather, ostrich leather, snakeskin, crocodile leather and deerskin.

If your stitching has come apart and there are rips in your lining, you don’t have to live with it or throw your much-loved bag away. Our experts can come to the rescue and remove the effects of the wear and tear that your bag has been through. We can also do bag repair and replace any hardware that has become scuffed or broken, including buckles, zippers, locks, clasps and more. Damaged hardware can cause your designer bag to look cheap, but with our restorative services, you can give your designer bag a new lease of life.

Need Bag Refurbishing? Contact us Today at Royal Bag Spa

All items are unique and therefore require an individual quote and guidance so that we can tell you what we can do for your bag. Pop into our Melbourne consignment store, or you can enjoy the service that we offer by mail if you live too far away. Before any work is started on your bag, we will give you an exact quote that you will need to confirm you are happy with 

As your second hand designer bag is of high value, please make sure you send it to us using tracked postage. Once your bag has been restored, we will send it back to you using tracked postage. For refurbished designer bags, look no further than Royal Bag Spa for treatment that you cannot afford not to give your bag. With careful restoration from us, your arm candy will be fabulous once more, and you can carry it proudly. 

Bag Restoration: How Does It Work?

If your prized possession is looking a little worse for wear, there are a number of ways to bring back the shine and vitality lost through use. Whether you prefer to visit us in-store or enquire online, starting the bag restoration process is incredibly easy. Simply navigate to the Restore page and complete our form for a quote.

At this stage of your bag restoration, it's incredibly helpful to fully describe the damage and any possible causes of the damage. Providing clear, well-lit images of the damage also helps our experts see the problem and assess the type of restoration service that will be necessary to restore your Fendi shoulder bags to their full glory.

Protecting Your Property During Bag Restoration

Despite knowing your bag could benefit greatly from time in the Spa, you might find sending your favourite handbag to perfect strangers a little... nerve-wracking.

At Royal Bag Spa, we are true professionals and ensure your Celine box bag is fully taken care of whilst in our care. Items shipped to us are fully insured during transit and whilst in our care - they're also held securely on the property. Our store is fully insured and covered by surveillance cameras.

Our bag restoration experts are trusted, engaged and contracted by several high-end designers. We work on more than 300 different items every month and deliver exceptional results to our clients every time.