Leather Shoe Repair


Welcome to Royal Bag Spa. We provide a quality service to repair leather shoes, transforming your old, aged and damaged pairs into fresh shoes that you can’t wait to show off. Returning them to their former glory, our repairs are second to none and inject a new lease of life into your shoes. We work hard and pay attention to detail in order to assess the work that is required and the best way to proceed. Only when these diagnostics have been performed do we begin treatment. Using sensitive products and equipment that are designed for delicate materials, we take great care in all of our repairs and only stop at perfection.

We Undertake Comprehensive and Complete Shoe Transformations 

Royal Bag Spa is proudly a one-stop-shop for your leather repair in Melbourne. Not only do we provide a quality cleaning service for your shoes, but we also offer colour correction, lining repair and leather moisturising treatments. Whatever your shoes need, we can provide. Renovate your shoes to their former glory or choose to change up their appearance. Our restorers are expertly trained in colour matching and can completely change the colour of certain leather shoes if you so wish. If there is a specific look that you want to achieve, it’s best to give us a call or complete an online enquiry form to discuss how we can best meet your requirements.

Our work not only breathes new life into your shoes, but it is also designed to provide them with protection and longevity. An annual service helps to ensure that they stay in good condition for many more years to come!

No Need to Replace When You Can Restore and Repair Your Favourite Shoes

Leather shoes are a smart and practical addition to every wardrobe and a pair that you will more than likely wear over and over again. The leather surrounds your foot, moulds to the shape and softens slightly through use, providing a good level of comfort. When you have found a great pair of leather shoes, it would be a shame to opt for a new pair over a quick and easy repair. That is where Royal Bag Spa comes in. Our work leaves your shoes looking brand new for a fraction of the price! Not only do restoration and repair save your money, but it also provides a much more eco-friendly solution than simply discarding your old shoes. By transforming your existing and much-loved pair of shoes, we lower the demand for consumption and reduce excess waste.

Are You Looking for a Leather Shoe Repair Service? Don’t Delay, Get in Touch Today!

Whether you are looking for a leather shoe tear repair, leather scratch repair, leather jacket repair, a sole replacement, a deep cleaning service, a zip fixture or combination of them all, we can help. So, don’t sit and wonder ‘where is the best leather shoe repair near me’ - book an appointment with Royal Bag Spa now! Pop into our store on Collins Street, give us a call on 03 9654 1148 or complete an online enquiry form today.