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Second Hand Designer Jewellery

Royal Bag Spa is your home for stylish second hand jewellery online from leading designer brands around the world. If you have been searching for the perfect jewellery piece to complete an outfit or give as a gift, the designer items within our range are sure to impress.

Ranging in condition from good condition to pristine, we proudly stock authentic jewellery pieces from leading designer brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Tiffany & Co. We also offer various jewellery types to choose from, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. It is never been easier to find stylish second hand designer jewellery online! We also allow you to sell jewellery and other items through our consignment store, with low consignment fees and no transaction costs.

Buy Second Hand Jewellery Online with Afterpay & Zip Pay

Royal Bag Spa is proud to offer our customers flexible payment options for all jewellery purchases on our site, including Afterpay and Zip pay. These innovative payment options allow you to buy the items you want today and pay at a later day, meaning you no longer have to wait until payday to score the hottest designer bags, shoes and jewellery pieces.

Buy Second Hand Jewellery Online At Royal Bag Spa

Here at Royal Bag Spa, we offer a range of not only handbags, shoes and small leather goods, but we also have a range of second hand jewellery available for you to buy online. On our website, you can find many different styles of jewellery including earrings, necklaces, rings and more. So, why should you buy second hand Chanel jewellery, or Tiffany or Cartier? Find out below.

The Best Benefits of Buying Jewellery Second Hand

As we all know, buying jewellery, especially designer pieces, is not cheap. However, you can get much more for your money by buying second hand. Just in the same way that you would pay less for a used car or used technological piece of equipment, you can get a fantastic piece of jewellery at a much lower cost than buying brand new. This gives you a huge financial advantage and you will quickly see that by buying second hand you can afford a piece of jewellery that is much better quality.

Not only is buying second hand Tiffany & Co jewellery, Cartier jewellery or Chanel jewellery great financially for your pocket as you can get more for your money, what people also love about buying second hand is that you can retain even more if its value upon resale. What’s more, as trends come and go in jewellery, you may even find that if you do decide to sell your jewellery in the future it is worth even more than what you paid for it. If you bought this item new, then chances are you will not make a profit on a resale.

Finally, when you purchase jewellery second hand, you are contributing to environmental sustainability. The practices around obtaining diamonds and precious metals can be dangerous to the environment and with global environmental issues a huge topic right now, you know you are not contributing towards this.

Refurbished Designer Jewellery

Purchasing beautiful jewellery can make you feel like a million dollars! But it doesn't have to cost you a small fortune if you search for used jewellery for sale. Used jewellery can save you a considerable amount of money, whilst also giving you the opportunity to own these high-end pieces of art. Cheap designer jewellery doesn't mean tarnished or discarded. Designer jewellery is made to incredibly high standards, with the best materials. It lasts for much longer than those mass-produced with lower-quality materials.

People sell their designer jewellery for many reasons. The most common reason is that it's simply no longer used. Whether you're looking for a beautifully refurbished necklace or second-hand rings in Australia, purchasing through a reputable consignment store ensures you get the quality designer jewellery you're paying for. With Royal Bag Spa you can treat yourself, or a loved one, to fabulous vintage designer jewellery with 100% confidence that your jewellery is a genuine piece from one of the world's most prestigious designers.

Authentic Used Jewellery for Sale

Purchasing cheap designer jewellery through a reseller site or directly from another person leaves you open to receiving replicas and counterfeits. It's entirely possible the person selling simply doesn't know the piece is fake.

But still, you may end up paying a considerable amount of money without getting the authentic item you paid for.

At Royal Bag Spa, we understand that this can cause you stress and upset. So, to ensure that we sell only genuine pieces of jewellery, all our items go through a rigorous authentication process. Our expert examines and analyses each piece to ensure your vintage designer jewellery is the real deal.

Each piece of jewellery purchased from Royal Bag Spa comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can trust that you have purchased a piece from a world-class brand.

Whether it's Cartier or Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton or Christian Christian Dior bags in Australia, all of our top-name jewellery pieces available online are lightly cleaned, authenticated and rated for their condition. You can find the condition on the product page, alongside an accurate description, images of the item and measurements. Please note that measurements may come with a small margin of error, and screen display differences may cause a slight colour variation compared with the physical item.

To view our products in person, please call or email to make an appointment.

Fast Shipping and Easy Returns

We offer free shipping within Australia on all orders over $150. Shipping is 100% secure and all items will be sufficiently packaged for protection.

We make every effort to ensure we represent our refurbished designer jewellery online as accurately as possible. Though we hope our items live up to your expectations, there may be instances when a customer wishes to return their purchases. For example, it may be that your purchase of second-hand rings in Australia isn't the right size for the recipient.

At Royal Bag Spa, we offer a 14-day returns period for all purchases of second-hand jewellery. Our process is quick and easy - simply return the item to us in the condition you received it (with tag, box and papers).

To view our full refund policy, and find instructions on how to complete a return, please see our Delivery and Returns page.