Leather Protector Spray


Many luxury and designer products are made of leather. Leather is a material which ages very well, and it will last forever if you treat it right. Leather is also a material that has many different uses. It’s versatile and needs to be treated differently according to how it’s been used. For example, you wouldn’t treat your luxury leather handbag in the same way as you treat your leather car seats. You may want to keep both leather products clean, but we do hope you wouldn’t take a car cleaning product to your designer handbag! Some leathers are delicate, like the leather your handbag is made from, and other leather are tough and hard-wearing, like a cowboy’s hat.

Why Use Leather Protector Spray

Most luxury bags are crafted from lambskin, an incredibly delicate material. A leather protector spray can help you look after the delicate leather of your bag, protecting it from the elements and minor accidents such as coffee spills, sudden downpours, and moisturising the leather to protect it from tarnishes and cracks.

Our range of Most Delicate leather protector sprays have been specifically designed to look after these delicate leathers and have been PH matched to leather to ensure they cause no harm. Our sprays are made entirely with natural ingredients and will not cause irritation to sensitive skin. They don’t contain any oils or soaps and don’t leave greasy marks or streaks on the leather. A leather protector spray can’t save your handbag from everything life may throw at it and some things will need a good clean, but it can protect your bag from everyday wear and tear and extend its life. On those days when the barista does spill the coffee and your fruit juice spills on your commute, you can travel easy knowing that a leather protector spray on your designer handbag will stop the leather itself from being stained as it prevents the leather from absorbing whatever has been spilt on it. It’s far easier to polish off a light mark than it is clean out a soaked in stain!

How to Apply Leather Protector Sprays

Applying leather protector sprays can be done by anyone but do take your time to do it properly. If you purchase a protective spray from our range, they all come with a specially designed applicator. Simply spray the leather and massage the spray into the leather evenly. This ensures that the protective spray covers the leather uniformly and offers good protection across the whole bag. Leather protection sprays should not change the colour of your bag; however, an even application is still the aim.

We think our best leather bag cleaner in Australia, but we will happily admit that no spray can be a substitute for taking good care of your bag, reapplying protective sprays regularly, and cleaning the interior of your bag to ensure no lidless containers or stray make-up containers are bleeding into the bag’s interior.

If you do stain or damage your bag, remember, the Royal Bag Spa can help fix all wrongs and there are very few stains that we can’t remove. But we would rather you used the spray!