Christian Louboutin Repairs


Christian Louboutin changed the face of footwear design when the company entered the fashion arena. With their iconic red soles, these were the shoes of desire for fashionistas worldwide. The ideal marriage of French style and Italian manufacturing, the fashion house quickly made itself a world leader in shoe design. It has since branched out into bags and other accessories and retains its crown as a leading fashion brand. If you are reading this, you are probably already the proud owner of a pair of Louboutins.  However careful you are with your designer footwear, it is entirely unavoidable that your shoes will start to show signs of wear and tear and age.

Just as you would take action to protect your natural beauty as you age, the same should be said for your shoes. At Royal Bag Spa, we offer a Christian Louboutin repair service to bring your neglected shoes and bags back into their prime. We cater to the repair of all major brands, as if you have invested a considerable amount of money to buy such gorgeous things, you want to keep them in the best state possible. There are several reasons why this is a good idea. Proper care and repair will mean your shoes and accessories will last you for many years to come. This makes the most of your initial investment by extending the lifespan of the product. Secondly, if you decide to resell your product, proper care and repair will mean your item retains the highest price possible.

Christian Louboutin Repairs – Accessories

At Royal Bag Spa, we treat your well-loved designer items with kid gloves, giving them the full “spa” treatment to bring them back to health. We offer a comprehensive range of services for accessories such as bags, including professional cleaning to gently remove stubborn stains without damaging the item. Our expert team of restorers can also carry out delicate repairs, change the lining, adjust the colour of the bag, and replace hardware such as zips and clasps. All our work can be viewed in our gallery and a comprehensive menu of bag restoration services is shown under the Restore menu. All work is carried out under a pre-agreed quote, as the treatment is entirely bespoke according to your needs.

Christian Louboutin Repairs – Shoes

If you want the best Christian Louboutin repair service for your shoes in Australia, look no further. We are specialists in dealing with high-value designer items and will give your shoes the premium service they deserve. High fashion is supposed to be worn and seen, but this inevitably will incur damage. We offer a professional cobbler service including the replacement of worn tips on the heels, total replacement of the soles, and more intricate treatment such as restoration of the shoe lining. Our mission is to restore your shoes to the original state if possible, or to the best they can possibly be. Bring your high-value items to us to be sure they will be in the hands of experts. Contact us now for a bespoke quote, and let’s bring back the beauty of your designer shoes. We also provide Fendi repairParada repairLouis Vuitton repair services in PerthMelbourne & Sydney.