Leather Jacket Repairs & Cleaning in Perth


Finding a tear in your prized leather jacket or finding that the zipper no longer works, can make all the difference between it being the first thing you pull out of your wardrobe, to becoming an item that’s forgotten and unloved.

If your leather jacket could do with a make-over, Royal Bag Spa offer leather jacket repairs Perth-wide for all kinds of leather jackets and coats via our fast and efficient postal leather repair service.

We’ll breathe new life into your leather jacket with our professional leather jacket repairs

Based in Melbourne, Royal Bag Spa are professional leather repairers and specialise in repairing and restoring all kinds of leather items from leather jackets and coats, to dresses, trousers, skirts, belts, shoes and all makes of designer leather handbags.

So, whether you have a problem with your leather jacket or leather coat, we have the solution. Using specialist leather repair equipment, together with quality cleaning and restoration products and our infinite patience and skill, we can breathe new life into your leather jacket and make it your favourite garment once again.

Invisible leather jacket repair, restoration, and cleaning Perth-wide

Our convenient postal leather repair services enable our customers to take advantage of our leather repair and restoration expertise, no matter where you are in Australia, or even further afield.

And, during our time in business, we’ve become the leather specialists Perth customers trust to carry out all kinds of leather repairs.

Whether you simply need an external seam re-stitched or your jacket lining has seen better days, we can fix it. Plus, we carry out everything from replacing zippers, zips and other missing or damaged hardware to restoring faded leather, removing scuffs, and repairing holes and tears.

Specialist leather cleaning products, expert techniques and a lot of love and care

One thing that sets us apart from some of the other leather jacket repairers Perth has available, is our commitment to only ever use the very best cleaning products and restoration techniques, combined with incredible care and patience. This ensures an excellent finished result and happy customers.

Request a quote for your leather jacket repair in Perth

Before we carry out any restoration or repair on your leather jacket, you can rest assured that we always thoroughly assess your garment to determine the work that needs doing. Only then will we draw up a plan of what we need to do to repair your jacket, together with a quote for the costs involved.

For jacket repairs in Perth, we recommend that you email us or complete our contact form for an online quote.

By providing as much information as you can about your jacket, including photos, our leather repair specialists will be able to give you a price guide, timescales for completion and any other information you might need.

Alternatively, you can send your jacket to us via our postal service for a quote over the phone.

Contact Royal Bag Spa now for quality leather jacket repairs and cleaning

If you’d like to learn more about how we can transform your leather jacket, or to request a quote for our postal service, please contact the team here at Royal Bag Spa via our online contact form.

Alternatively, if you have any queries, call 03 9654 1148 or send an email to [email protected] and our team will be happy to help.

Our fast and reliable postal service is available for customers in Perth & interstate including Melbourne & Sydney. Of course, if you happen to be in Melbourne, you can call into our leather repair store on Collins Street.

We’re open between 10:30am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturday: 11.00am – 3:00pm.