Leather Cleaning Services in Melbourne


Professional Leather Cleaning in Melbourne

Leather requires specialist cleaning to keep it looking pristine. When you own quality leather goods, it is important to take the right steps to ensure they can last you a lifetime.

At Royal Bag Spa, we offer leather cleaning in Melbourne that can leave you astounded by the results of our professional cleaning service. We can clean leather handbags, apparel, shoes and other accessories.

Why leather needs to be cleaned properly

It is important to regularly clean your leather to keep it in the best condition. For items that are used every day, you should get them cleaned every six months. Otherwise, get them cleaned once a year.

Leather needs cleaning because it can be exposed to oil from skin, along with pollutants from the air and general dirt from the surroundings. Even if you take the utmost care to not place items like your leather handbag on the floor, they can still become dirty and getting them cleaned regularly is a good habit to get into.

It could be that an unfortunate accident has happened, and your dog or cat has defecated inside your shoe or handbag. Fear not! Royal Bag Spa can work hard to clean the mess and remove the odour.

Of course, you can clean your leather goods with specialist leather bag cleaners that are available from our website, but sometimes, your leather goods could do with a deep clean from a professional.

What kinds of leather can we clean?

At Royal Bag Spa, we can clean:

  • Lambskin
  • Calf leather
  • Vachetta leather
  • Ostrich leather
  • Snakeskin
  • Crocodile leather
  • Plus, many other types of fabric

Our professional leather experts have vast experience in cleaning leather, and we can return the state of your leather to its former glory.

If your leather has suffered a stain, we can also treat this using our gentle, yet powerful treatment methods.

What’s more, at Royal Bag Spa, we use eco-friendly cleaning products and treatment methods that have brilliant results, so you can enjoy clean leather while knowing we are taking care of the world.

We have experience in cleaning leather products from all the top designers, and also carry out premium leather repairs including Louis Vuitton repairs, purse repairs and leather jacket repairs along with many other services.

Royal Bag Spa: your solution to leather cleaning in Melbourne

Royal Bag Spa can provide a full leather cleaning service for your leather handbag, shoes, apparel or other accessories and we can make them spotless once more.

You can simply pop by our store in Melbourne where we can give you a quote for the cleaning of your leather goods and give you a timescale. At Royal Bag Spa, we are determined to do the best possible job, even if this takes longer, and therefore the timeframe varies for each item.

Should you have any further questions, contact us by phone on 03 9654 1148 or send us an email at [email protected] where we look forward to answering your questions.

For the best leather cleaning service in Melbourne, look no further than Royal Bag Spa where we will give your leather goods the treatment they need and deserve.