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Consign Your Designer Handbag, Wallet, Jewellery & Shoes

Step 1

Contact Us To Get a Quote

- Submit the item/s you want to sell with us
- Pick the brand, upload 3-5 photos
- Fill in as much information as possible
- Wait for our reply

Step 2

Pack Your Item/s

- Bring your item/s to our store
- Or simply ship the item/s directly to us and we will cover the insurance of the shipment

Step 3

Take a Rest

- Our Valuation team will contact you and
discuss in details
- We suggest a recommended price but you make the

Step 4

Wait For Payment

- Our Expert ensure all items are Authentic
- We professionally perform light cleaning, photograph and list your item/s on our site and other platforms
- You get paid up to 80% of the selling price

When You Consign WIth Us

for items that are
up to $2,000

for items that are
more than $2,000


Consigment Service by ROYAL BAG SPA

* Free Insured Shipping

* Up to 80% Proceeds to Bank upon Sale

* Items kept securely in our premise

* Fully Insured with Surveillance

* Hassle Free - We do all the work


For Items found to be a Counterfeit/Replica,
a minimum fee of AUD120 per item will be charged
for return to cover authentication and
processing time spent.

*** SELL TO US ***
We sometimes offer to buy  





  • Front*

  • Back*

  • Bottom*

  • Inside

  • Damage/Serial

Need More Info?

  • Q: How Do You Determine Prices?

    We use data collected from our previous records to set prices according to designer, item type, age, condition and the current market demand.

    We take great efforts to set our prices fairly based on current market value and our goal is to sell your items at the highest possible price.

    Q: What Do You Accept?

    We accept authentic women's and men's handbag, wallet, accessory, fine jewellery, shoes and watches.

    Item/s must be in well used (moderate wear), good (light wear), pristine (excellent), or new condition.

    For a complete list of brands we accept, please refer to Designer List

    Q: Is There A Minimum Selling Period?

    We require at least 8 weeks of adequate selling period and should you require the item before then, please note that there will be a minimum release fee of AUD120 to cover processing time spent.