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The delicate materials used in luxury designer handbags often require professional cleaning and restoration in order to return to their former glory.
That is where we come in. We work to remove hidden germs, bacteria, and mold that could be hazardous to your health in the long term.

Treating and restoring material to its former glory!
We most commonly treat leather; a delicate material that requires tender, love, and care. Cleaning, moisturizing, and conditioning are just some of the
basic steps we take in caring for and maintaining your various leather products. Other materials we treat include Suede, Nubuck, Patent Leather,
Patent Canvas, Straw, and Fabrics such as Canvas, Nylon, Satin, and Velvet.

Buy and Sell your handbags
In 2015, we launched a new concept of selling handbags for our customers on a consignment basis and re-selling them in our stores. This gives people
the opportunity to buy a designer handbag at up to 70% off the RRP, and we get some great brands available in excellent condition too.

Shop our range of Pre-Owned Designer Handbags or Consign your bag with us.

Highlights of our journey so far


MyBagSpa Launched

Launched as MyBagSpa in November 2009 offering service by mail order from our workshop.

First handbag repair specialist

In 2011, we launched a collection and drop-off store at 100 Collins Street offering local customers and boutiques as the first handbag repair specialist in Melbourne.


Recognized by Medias

Later that year, Herald Sun and Shop Til You Drop magazine wrote an amazing article about us. We started to clean and restore about 50 handbags a month as news got out.

Trusted Repairer by Chanel

In 2012, we managed to restore a few bags for Chanel Boutiques with outstanding feedback. Since then, Chanel (Australia) Pty Ltd decided to recommend us as their trusted repairer in Australia and routinely send their customer’s handbag to us for repair until today.


The Spa

In 2013, we implemented a new system in our workshop to dedicate our staff to save the lives of handbags and jackets where we call this ‘The Spa’. In ‘The Spa’, our staff carries out anything from stitch repair to restoring faded and worn bags.


In 2015, we started accepting handbags and accessories on a consignment basis, and later that year, we bought over the stocks of a small-sized preloved handbag store in Melbourne that had decided to pass on their business.


Website Launched

In 2016, we invested in a brand new website “”, which enhances the user experience for service by mail order online and a basic online store that sells the preloved handbags that we owned. Later that year, we also invested in online marketing to reach out to customers throughout Australia.

Royal Bag Spa

In 2017, we reinvented our company name from “MyBagSpa” to “Royal Bag Spa”, launched our new website, setting our goal to provide services to an extent that will meet a Royal standard for more happy customers.


Trusted by more Designer Companies

In 2018, more Designer companies engaged us as their repairer in Australia – Saint Laurent, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Burberry, Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors. Later that year, we decided to let go of the store on 100 Collins St and run all operations in one location on 108 Bourke Street, Melbourne to provide better services through online and shipping.

Now we are working with more Designer Companies and providing services to over 300 handbags a month. We have cleaned, repaired, and restored over AUD15 million dollars’ worth of bags!