Saint Laurent Repair


Is your Saint Laurent bag looking tired, worn and faded? Then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Royal Bag Spa. Experts in Saint Laurent repair, we will have your much-loved accessory looking like it’s fresh off the shelf in no time. Our restoration team are professionally trained in leather cleaning, lining repair, hardware replacement and much more. Rest assured that whilst your bag is with the team at Royal Bag Spa, it is in good hands.

So How Does Our Saint Laurent Repair Service Work?

Good question! Our expert restorers perform in-depth inspections on a microscopic level to carefully assess exactly what work your bag requires and the best way to proceed. Only when they are sure will they begin treatment. During the procedures, our team use only gentle products and trusted equipment to ensure that your bag is treated with the best care possible. At the end of each stage, they step back and ensure that they have reached perfection before moving on.

Whatever your bag needs, we can help. Our Saint Laurent repair and restoration team are:

  • Expert colour matchers
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced
  • Passionate about their work

Alongside our renowned bag repairs, our team are also professionals in Saint Laurent shoe repair. Bring your shoes to us to repair the leather and lining, replace the soles and hardware and to restore them to their former glory. Whether your shoes need one treatment or a combination, we will have them looking fresh and new in no time.

Let’s Discuss Our Repair Service in More Detail

Performing repairs and restoration work on designer items for many years, our service has helped thousands of happy customers. The work that we offer includes:

Leather restoration

When your bag needs some life breathing back into it, we can undertake treatment to deep clean and moisturise the leather to remove stains and brighten the appearance. If requested, we can even change the colour of your bag completely!

Lining repair

In cases where the lining of your beloved bag has torn, we are able to either repair or replace to give it a new lease of life.

Hardware replacement

When your zip, buckle, swivel snap or other is broken or damaged, call Royal Bag Spa. We can replace these quickly and seamlessly.

For simple repairs, we will have your item back on the road to you within a few days. For longer repair and restoration work, this could take up to 6 weeks. Once the work is completed, we return your bag with fast and ‘signed for’ shipping methods to ensure a timely and safe return.

For Quality St Laurent Repair Repairs and Fast Returns, Speak to Our Team Today!

Royal Bag Spa is proud to be one of the top companies for Saint Laurent Repair in Australia. Speak to a member of our team for Saint Laurent satchel, Saint Laurent handbag & Saint Laurent wallet repair services or complete an online enquiry form to discuss how we can help you today.