Leather Bag & Handbag Repairs in Melbourne


If your designer handbag is looking a little tired, or heaven forbid, you’ve damaged the leather or hardware, don’t panic. Royal Bag Spa is here to save the day.

We offer top-quality handbag repairs Melbourne wide for all kinds of bags and handbags and specialise in restoring designer handbags from leading design houses such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Hermès and Louis Vuitton, back to their former glory.

Top-quality leather bag repairs in Melbourne to revitalise your cherished designer handbag

Having invested money in a top-quality designer bag, no doubt it’s become one of your cherished possessions. But unlike some of our possessions that can be safely stored away, bags are meant to be used, and this means that damage and normal wear and tear are likely to occur.

As the leading specialists in leather bag repairs in Melbourne, the team at Royal Bag Spa can work our magic to restore and revitalise your cherished designer handbag, using the best leather cleaning products and advanced leather restoration techniques.

All kinds of leather bag repairs; from restoring faded leather to repairing torn linings and broken zippers

Much of our repair and restoration work involves returning faded leather to its original colour, however, our services don’t stop there.

Our expert leather restorers can clean away any stains or marks that are spoiling the look of your handbag, restore worn corners, re-stitch leather seams that have come away, correct pealing leather, repair stitching in linings, or even replace the whole lining, and repair damaged hardware, including locks, studs, clasps and buckles.

And if you have a tear or hole in the leather of your bag or the silicon edges of your bag handles are worn or if you needed shoe repairs in Melbourne, we can do that too.

We repair and restore all kinds of leathers and fabric too

Our leather restoration and repair services are suitable for all kinds of leathers, including calf leather, lambskin, ostrich leather, snakeskin, crocodile leather, Vachetta leather, deerskin, with some services being suitable for patent leathers, suede, nubuck and fabrics too.

However, we would need to do a full assessment of your handbag first to determine whether an individual service is suitable for the leather of your bag. Ensuring that we treat your leather bag carefully and appropriately is just one of the reasons why we’re known as the most reliable place for bag repairs in Melbourne.

Not just bag repairs: We also offer professional handbag cleaning in Melbourne

While we are known for the quality of our leather bag repairs, Melbourne based Royal Bag Spa are also experts in professional leather bag cleaning. When you consider everything your bag has to put up with on a daily basis, you can easily see how it can quickly become a harbourer of germs.

Our specialists clean and disinfect leather bags, shoes, accessories and even leather garments to leave them hygienically clean and fresh. We can clean all kinds of leathers, plus fabric, satin, velvet, nylon and canvas using eco-friendly products together with gentle but effective treatment techniques. And, to prolong the life of your prized designer leather bags and accessories, we offer high-quality protection treatments to enable the leather to shrug off strains and scratches and water damage more easily.

Contact Royal Bag Spa if you need your leather bag repairing

To find out more about our leather bag repair service, Melbourne residents can simply drop into our store between 10:30am – 6:00pm on weekdays and 11.00am – 3:00pm on Saturdays.

Alternatively, if you live outside of Melbourne, we offer our services to interstate clients as well. Please contact us by completing our online contact form, calling (03) 9654 1148 or sending an email to [email protected] and our team will be happy to give you further information and advice.