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Carry a Valentino Rockstud Bag for Showstopping Couture

If you want to turn heads with your handbag you should choose a Valentino Rockstud Bag. What else screams,” Look at me, I am a celeb”? But who was the man who gave the fashion house its name? Valentino Garavani was a protégé of Balenciaga, who came into his own in the 1960s. His designs have been worn by stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy, and he counted Andy Warhol and European royalty among his friends. Famous for his flamboyant lifestyle and a love of pugs, the fashion icon held his final show as creative director in 2008. Under new direction, the iconic fashion he created produces designs that remain eye-catching and contemporary.

The Revival of the Valentino Rockstud Bag

The original Valentino Rockstud collection came out in 2010 but it has experienced a revival as of 2021. It just shows that when you buy a classic, it never truly goes out for fashion. The classic Valentino Garavani Rockstud and VLTN bags have proved incredibly popular in the last decade or so and have been copied voraciously by the high street. Nothing compares though to the original, which is why every self-respecting fashionista should have one in their wardrobe. The rockstud collection encompasses sandals, bags and wallets and is inspired by the iron studs used in ancient Roman doors. It’s a marriage of textures with soft leather in a range of colours contrasting with the sharp shiny studs.

From crossbody bags to gladiator-style sandals and pumps, this look just doesn’t get old. It’s constantly in high demand in the vintage market and still available for sale from the main Valentino site. If you are looking for a Valentino Rockstud bag for sale, you should consider one from our pre-loved range at Royal Bag Spa.

Why Buy Valentino Rockstud Bag from Royal Bag Spa?

With a design that has been so often replicated such as the Rockstud collection, it’s easy to pay for something which looks similar but is not the same. In the case of this particular design, copies tend to look far cheaper and cannot carry off the look House Valentino had in mind. It is also easy to be deceived by fraudulent sellers who try to pass off copies as the real thing.

At Royal Bag Spa, every item we sell is checked for authenticity through a series of meticulous checks. This service can also be purchased by customers who want to check an item they bought is genuine, or those who want to sell their designer goods but do not have the original certificate. We also offer a comprehensive set of services for repair and restoration to keep your haute couture in pristine condition. This will extend the lifespan of your designer items as well as maintain the value for when you choose to sell them on.

We would love to show you our current collection of Valentino rockstud bags stock. Shop online or make an appointment in advance to visit our Melbourne showroom. What are you waiting for? Browse our range of styles various other brands including Prada second hand bags, dolce and Gabanna second hand bags , second hand Bvlgari bags & more find the perfect addition to your collection!