Purse Zip Repairs


We all know that sinking feeling when the zip breaks on your favourite purse. Thanks to Royal Bag Spa, you never have to feel that way again! We offer quality purse zip repairs to restore your accessory to its former glory. We specialise in repairing designer brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, using replacement zips of the highest quality and taking the utmost care during the procedure. Offering fast purse repairs and seamless results, we restore your purse in no time.

Our turnaround times are as quick as a few days for basic repairs ensuring you won’t have to part with your purse for long. For items that are returned by post, we only use ‘signed for’ services to guarantee their safe return.

Our Hardware Replacement Service Guarantees Incredible Results

When it comes to repairs, no job is too big. We have a team of restorers who are expertly trained to get the best results. Taking every detail into consideration, our team assesses what work needs to be done and then decides the optimum way to proceed. Only when a clear picture is formed will they begin treatment.

Choosing the best-suited zip for your purse, our experts use gentle equipment and take care to achieve incredible results. When it comes to zip repairs for your purse, few compare to the team at Royal Bag Spa. With results guaranteed for 6 months, you can use your purse as normal, safe in the knowledge that your zip repair is of good quality.

We Work Hard to Restore Your Purse to Its Former Glory

When your purse needs some extra TLC, Royal Bag Spa is here to help. While your purse is with us, why not take advantage of our other services? Aside from our hardware replacements, we offer a range of procedures to restore your purse to its prime. These include:

Leather repair

We repair old and faded leather to restore your purse’s beauty. We run intricate diagnostics tests to understand exactly what your purse needs and only stop at perfection. With our team expertly trained in colour matching, your repair will be unnoticeable.

Leather cleaner

Our professional cleaning service leaves your purse looking and smelling brand new. Using only delicate and eco-friendly products, we offer a gentle but effective service that provides your purse with protection and longevity.

Lining repair

Dependent on your needs, whilst replacing your zip, we can repair or completely replace the lining of your purse to give it a new lease of life. Come to us with a zip repair and leave with a clean, fresh and vibrant purse. We know what your purse needs and are able to deliver amazing results - every time.

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Restoring your favourite purses is easy with Royal Bag Spa. We also provide wallet repair, shoe repair & leather repair services. So what are you waiting for? Visit our Melbourne based store, call us on (03) 9654 1148 or complete our online enquiry form today!