Are You Looking for Vintage Chanel Handbags?

Discover amazing vintage Chanel accessories right here at Royal Bag Spa!  Browse beautiful collections including our ever-popular 2.55 Chanel vintage bags. We stock a selection of authentic designer handbags at affordable prices, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect style for you. When buying Chanel, you know you will own a handbag that is always in style, never going to lose its value and is unique. When your outfit is accessorised with a designer bag, you not only look great but feel confident and powerful too.

Our selection of vintage Chanel handbags will suit any budget. With products in good and mint condition as well as pristine and unused condition; finding a bag you like at a price you’ll love is easy. We even provide you with descriptions entailing the retail price of your bag, so you know exactly how much of a saving you are making.

Keeping Our Customers Informed and In Control

Shopping for a designer handbag isn’t just about the purchase, it is also about the experience. When buying second hand, we want you to be treated with the same attention to detail so have tailored our policies with you in mind. Alongside high-quality images, we provide detailed descriptions of all of our products including the colouring, size, materials, condition and original pricing. This helps you to paint a realistic picture of the handbag immediately. If there is a product that catches your eye, you can either book an appointment to view the item in-store or take advantage of our 14 day moneyback guarantee. If your product arrives and you are not satisfied or it hasn’t met your expectations, we arrange for a prompt refund upon return of the handbag.

We inspect each handbag on a microscopic level prior to sale to ensure that it is completely authentic. Only when we are sure that the item has the correct designer markings, hologram stickers, stitching and more will we issue a certificate of authenticity. Once you have made your purchase, it is important for the support to continue. We also provide bag repair, clean and restore services for your Chanel handbag in Melbourne, Sydney & Perth whenever it needs a bit of TLC. This aftercare helps to protect your bag and ensure it has a long lifespan.

Chanel Bags Are Stylish, Valuable and Unique

Purchasing a pre-loved designer handbag is a smart investment, providing you with the same great style but at a much more affordable price. Take a vintage Chanel jumbo flap handbag for example. This classic handbag always stays in style, but you pay a fraction of the original purchase cost because it is second hand. Another benefit of purchasing second hand is that you can find handbags that are no longer sold in designer stores. What better way to stand out from the crowd than with your own unique bag?

Browse Our Collection of Chanel Bags Today!

Whatever handbag you are looking for, whether a 2.55 Chanel, a Chanel Jumbo Flap or a Chanel classic flap, vintage is best! Browse our collection or speak to our experts today.

Get Your Chanel Handbags for Cheap Right Here

Chanel is iconic. Classic. Timeless. And consistently sought after by fashion collectors, vintage lovers and ladies that just can't get enough of the pure elegant sophistication that Chanel exemplifies.

Owning genuine Chanel accessories - whether it's jewellery, handbags or shoes - elevates your style and increases your confidence 1000%...because who doesn't feel like a million dollars wearing Chanel on their arm?

The price of buying new is the sticking point.

But you can purchase your Chanel handbags for cheap by choosing second-hand items that have undergone leather restoration.

Whether you're looking for the finishing accessory for your summer party outfit, something to make clients at the office say "WOW!" or even as a gift for a loved one, we have a wide range of handbags available to suit all manner of styles and size requirements. From the smallest of glitzy clutch bags to the larger overnight bags, you'll find massive reductions compared to RRP right here.

Of course, as second-hand items, these Chanel handbags for cheap will show signs of wear (noted in the description and pictures). However, the superior quality of craftsmanship that shines through every Chanel handbag ensures each bag has an incredibly long life. Signs of wear are merely the history and character of the handbag, and now you too are a part of the story.