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Vachetta Pre-Treatment prepares Vachetta and natural cow hide leathers for the protection phase.

It is a revolutionary cosmetic product that protect leathers from oil and water stains a must-have for leathers that are prone to oxidation and staining.

Vachetta Pre-Treatment helps seal the leather and works in conjunction with rest of the Lovin My Bags by Barbara Vachetta Collection.

Apply small amount of pre-treatment to special applicator first. Even out the products is smooth, apply evenly to leather.

Make sure product is completely absorbed before drying. Do not apply too much pre-treatment and make sure no residue is left on the stitch line.

Light and even coats are best. Dry with hairdryer on medium. Apply second coat when first coat is completely dry.

Buff with microfiber cloth after second coat.

50ml Bottle

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