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Most Delicate Protection is the miracle shield for Chanel and other lambskin bags.

This is a gentle and effective protection against water and oil stains, specifically made for delicate leathers like Chanel, MiuMiu, Prada and all other delicate bags including python, snakeskin and croco leather bags, including Hermes. Will not leave streaks or greasy feel.

All our products are pH-matched to leather and do not contain any detergents or soaps. They have been created with natural ingredients and are safe for sensitive skin.

This product is meant to protect leather from water and oil.

Apply a little amount on paper towel (size of a dime), even out the product on the applicator and then apply to leather.

Do not worry if you see darkening of the leather, it will lighten again as it dries. If not stop use. To speed drying time use a hairdryer on med or high heat.

To keep handbag protected, reapply every 1-2 months. Use in conjunction with Lovin My Bags Cleansers.

*Note: Always test product on small area before - use only of satisfied with the test area as all leathers vary and react differently.*

1 x 50ml Bottle

* There may be a slight difference in the tone of colors depending on the resolution of your monitor.

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