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Have you dreamt of owning a Christian Dior Bag?

If so, why not consider buying an authentic pre-loved dior bag from Royal Bag Spa? The affordable prices will amaze you and ensure that your dream of owning a piece from one of the world’s top fashion houses is within your grasp.

Why buy your Christian Dior bag second hand?

We believe that all handbags deserve a new chance at life. The previous owner’s love for their bag may have drifted away, but your story together is just beginning. For an affordable price, you can own an authentic designer Christian Dior bag that you can show off to the world, which would otherwise be gathering dust in the back of a cupboard.

Buying second hand is great for the environment because you are not using up any resources by buying new, and you are keeping something that can last a lifetime out of the landfill. You also have that added bonus of saving money and getting to treat yourself while also being able to feel good about doing your little thing to help the environment.

If you buy from Royal Bag Spa, you don’t need to worry if your Dior bag is truly authentic because we guarantee that 100% of the items we sell are. To ensure this, we examine each detail of the bag on a microscopic level to ensure that it has all the features of the specific designer bag. As we believe so much in the fight against counterfeits, we all offer our expert designer bag authentication services for Ebay and Paypal in case you need to get your money back.

The Perfect Dior Lady Bag For Your Collection

Purchasing a second-hand Dior handbag means having a piece of timeless fashion available to accessorise any outfit, at any time. Many of our items are in excellent condition, and some are even brand new! Yet, some items also show signs of wear - whether through use or simply as an expression of their vintage. These will be clearly noted in the description, and visible in the pictures.

Signs of wear give classic pieces a story. It shows they've travelled a long way to meet you - and now you will be a part of the story too. Dior lady bags are high-end, luxurious items made from exquisite materials. When treated well and looked after carefully, these handbags can last for many years without losing any of their charms.

Lady Bags - Authentically Dior

Finding your next favourite accessory through Royal Bag Spa means that, with 100% confidence, you will receive an authentic Dior product. Purchasing through other resellers or individuals leaves you open to receiving counterfeits. Royal Bag Spa expert authenticators use modern detection methods to ensure all items sold are guaranteed genuine designer products. Each item will even be sent with a certificate of authenticity to prove it has passed the tests.

We provide a light leather handbag cleaner service for all designer items we receive. We believe this provides the perfect balance between cleanliness and preserving the true character of each item.

If you are looking for an authentic lady Dior bag to add sophistication to your wardrobe and elevate your style - without blowing your budget - a second-hand Dior lady bag from Royal Bag Spa is a must-have.

Shop Dior bags in Australia at Royal Bag Spa?

Everyone at Royal Bag Spa is a professional who is passionate about what we do. We are passionate about uniting authentic second-hand products with new owners, but we are also passionate about repairing, restoring, and cleaning items, that people love, back to the best condition we can. When you send an item to us, our first priority is cleanliness. Your handbag is something that you expect to use for years, maybe even the whole of your lifetime, and we want to ensure that there are no germs or mould on your bag or accessory that could affect your health in the future. If you buy a second-hand designer bag from us, we even give it a light spring clean so that you know the interior and exterior are germ-free.

Many of our customers have left glowing reviews about the experience that have had buying second-hand items or bringing them in to have them cleaned and repaired. One customer commented on our ability to pay attention to detail, which is why many customers choose to trust us with their luxury items.

Look at our collection of second hand Christian Dior bags in our online store or come in store and look for yourself! If you have any questions about any of the items for sale or any of the services we provide, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can email us at [email protected] or phone us on 03 9654 1148