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Your quick fix to clean kicks has finally arrived! Introducing Crep Protect FoamX – our foam shoe cleaner, a game-changer in sneaker cleaning.

Equipped with a built-in pump applicator, our premium quick-action formula not only gently lifts away the dirt as it changes colour from purple to white, but also halves your cleaning time

Perfect for leather, canvas, and nylon sneakers.

FoamX is the essential foaming technology to rejuvenate your footwear with unmatched efficiency.

- Quick-Action Formula: Lifts dirt and grime effectively.

- Time-Saving: Reduces need for extensive scrubbing.

- Eco-Friendly: Water-based, safe for sneakers and the environment.

- Quick-Action Cleaning: Effortlessly lifts dirt

- Time-Saver: Cuts cleaning time in half

- Eco-Friendly Formula: Safe for sneakers and environment

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